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Ultimate Butt Workout for Women

This video is for you women (and men) out there who want to really tighten, strengthen, and tone your butt! I chose the 5 main exercises I personally do on a bi-weekly basis. Trust me, you will feel it afterward.

Just remember to warm up before you get started.  We hope you enjoy it! And don’t forget to check below for the breakdown.

I do this butt workout 2 times per week, usually on the days I’m doing other leg exercises.  I do 2 to 3 sets of 20 reps for each exercise.  I normally use 15 lb dumbbells.  That amount may or may not work for you.  So the best way to find out how many reps you should do is to do 1 set of each exercise to the point of failure, using body weight only.  Once you have that number, reduce it by 5 so you can do 3 complete sets.

Once your body adapts, and it doesn’t make your butt sore anymore, use these additional ways to challenge yourself further:

  • add weight by holding dumbbells
  • increase or decrease the speed of your reps
  • shorten the amount of rest time between sets
  • alternate the order of the exercises

Not only are these suggestions good for this butt workout, they are good for any workout.  It helps keep your body challenged and you will plateau less.  This workout is a great way to tone and harden upper leg muscle, as well as stimulate and speed up your, which means faster fat loss. You can as well enhance your butt through cosmetic procedures like this butt augmentation in Chicago, IL or this butt cupping in Commack, NY. As long as you keep your posture correct, and don’t swing in your movements, you will get amazing results!

As always, if you have any questions about the routine, let us know!  We’ll be glad to help!

Good luck to you, and stay tuned for another next butt exercise video.

To your Vitality,