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Matt’s Original Ultimate 6-Pack Routine

ultimate-ab-routineThis video was imported from Matt Struve Fitness.

Hey Guys,

This is the ab routine Matt has been doing for years now. It’s very effective, and the best way to get strong sexy abs fast.   We do it every other day.


A full routine is made up of 5-25 reps (or however many you are comfortable with) for each exercise movement which totals out at 50-250 for a single set.  If you four sets of 250 total reps, you will reach the goal: 1000 reps.  This takes about 30 minutes with resting for 2 to 3 minutes between sets.

A few hints unmentioned:  Start off doing a number of reps you can handle.  There’s no sense in going extreme if you can’t finish all the movements consecutively. Next is always breathe ALL the way out when your abs are in the flexed position.  Matt is breathing in the video but you can hardly hear it. Breathing is crucial to building abdominal mass and volume.

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This will build the 6pack abs you’ve always wanted.

Good luck!