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4 Effective Ways To Beat Cravings After You Quit Smoking

quit smokingRecently, a site member wrote this concern about quitting smoking — (paraphrased)  “I’m currently doing cardio for 14 days to meet a weight loss goal.  I’m on day 5.  I also smoke, and decided on day 5 to give it up.  But, I’m afraid that if I give up smoking, I’ll turn to food instead to ease the cravings, which will likely eliminate my weight loss during the 14 days. HELP!

It’s quite the debacle isn’t it?  I used to smoke, from 13 to 23 years old.  I smoked a pack a day or more.  But I quit… cold turkey. What pushed me over the edge?  I was doing the same thing as you!  I just started working out, and had a goal for cardio training!  The the lung strain was killing my heart rate and progress!  I also recently had a powerful realization and method for dissociating from smoking thanks to a friend coaching me (but I’ll save that for another time, too much to type).  I shared my realization with a number of smoker friends in hopes they would quit too.  They really appreciated it, but I discovered no matter how insightful it was to me, I can’t force a realization or “the impetus for action” into someone else’s brain so they can quit with the same ease I did.

Doesn’t mean I gave up either 😉

Katya and I were talking about it this morning.  I’ll summarize.  First, you already know you need to quit smoking to save your life. But what makes you certain you will start craving food instead of cigerette’s once you quit?  Because other people said so?  Or because you know from your own body?  You might be surprised and not crave food at all!  I certainly didn’t crave additional food when i quit.  Wait and see, your body might adapt easier than you expect.

But in case you go to food to replace the cravings, then i would ask, what is the craving based on?  Craving to escape boredom?  Cravings from the old habit not being there?   It’s important to understand “what and how” you are craving, to find the right solution.  All of us differ with cravings because our body chemistries are very different.  If you crave certain types of foods, it could be your body telling you are deficient in some nutrient.

Remember, whenever you quit a long term unhealthy habit, your body is going to immediately start readjusting, and that could mean, purging the yucky stuff out.  Which in some cases, can get nasty.  But always remember it’s a GOOD thing (yes, even the mood swings), just ride that storm out.  You know smoking is fatal, so you gotta get through the harsh reaction of your body’s way of purifying itself.

Our initial advice?

#1 Drink lots water.

#2 Controlled breathing exercises – and other relaxation therapies like massage or acupressure.

#3 Brush your teeth when you crave a cigarette – the strong flavor and smell of the toothpaste will offset the habit. (I learned this trick during the “cutting down phase” with bodybuilding, to ease the appetite cravings after the bulking phase) – plus it’s good for your chompers!

#4 Make sure to read this excellent book below:

Katya and I have used this book to help a number of our friends quit smoking with 100% success.  Considering how rampant smoking is in our culture, I would definitely recommend that everyone reads it, smoker or non-smoker.  You’ll learn that with the right effort, you can put an end to the addiction forever (whether you physcially exericse or not).

Here’s the book on amazon:

(note: I would go into the meta & psychosomatic links to quitting smoking over the phone with you, because it’s too much to type here.)  And stay tuned, because Katya and I talked about doing a full video series on this very important subject.

BTW, on a humorous note, the radical spiritualist “Osho” who I’m sure you know about, said that smoking is a habit that stems from sucking on your mother’s breast “the warm smoke replaced the warm milk”. HAHA  whether or not it’s true, who knows?!  But he recommended to one of his male students to “imagine sucking on a nipple” to ease smoking cravings.  Don’t know if it works for women, so good luck with that one!!!! LOL

Here’s the link to Osho’s out-of-the-box advice:

Your lungs are the KEY ORGAN to living with total vitality.  It takes 3 weeks (give or take) to die from starvation, 3 days to die from thirst, and 3 MINUTES to die from suffocation.  You tell me which organ is the most vital?   If one willingly continues to abuse them… it doesn’t take a psychic to spell out their inevitable (and painful) future.

Okay, that’s it.  (ended up writing a book here) Feel free to let us know on the wall  how your cravings go, and we’ll get to the bottom of them step by step!  And good luck!

With all our hearts, we wish you the best in your efforts quitting or helping others quit!

Best of luck (and perseverance)