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Ultimate 8-Pack Abs Routine

In this video, you will learn the most effective 8-pack abs routine I have ever used to get 8-pack abs in the quickest time. This is a newer workout of my old 6-pack abs routine.

2 Best Tips for 8-pack abs:

1. Don’t worry how many reps. Start off doing a number of reps you can handle, or until you feel a good burn.
(try 15 reps for each of the 10 exercises for a total of 150 reps at the end)

2. Always breathe ALL the way out when your abs are flexed, it’s crucial to building abdominal mass and volume. You need this full flexion in order to get 8-pack abs.

I hope you enjoy it!  Feel free to ask any questions below and I’ll answer as soon as I can.  And if you liked this 8-pack abs routine and what you learned here, please share it with your friends!

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