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Say Goodbye to Body Odor and Smelly Bowel Movements

healthy-digestionEver wondered why you have bowel movements that stink worse than a dairy farm? When you can’t wait to get home, do you wonder what the next person walking into the public restroom will think of you once they smell that nastiness and walk out breathing through their mouth? C’mon you know you would. Ever dated someone, and had to go, but because it smells so bad you force it back until you’re home?

And what about farting? Same thing? Ever wonder why some days you create so much gas, but you are afraid to let it out even quietly because of how bad it always smells? Ever wonder why that doesn’t happen every day?

Or when you get done with a workout, do shoes smell from 3 rooms away?

If you can relate with or suffer from all that (even if it is slightly exaggerated), you need to keep reading.

Stinky bowels and nasty body odor comes down to three common digestive causes. So let’s look and what you can do to eliminate the causes of stink for life.

The 3 Common Causes of Smelly Bowels

#1: Digestive Dysfunction

The primary root cause of horrendously smelling bowel movements is digestive problems. This could be because of a number of things like: not enough stomach acid production, not enough enzyme production, or not enough beneficial bacteria that helps break down food as it passes through the intestines. Up until 2008, my digestion was the worst, and it smelled the worst. When switched my diet to whole-food based diet and eliminated all processed foods with additives and preservatives, the whole foods gave me a greater amount of dietary fiber and increase healthy bacteria. Both of these helped my bowels improve their functioning. The fiber helps move your food through your digestive system, and the bacteria is required for you to literally breakdown the food in order to absorb it into your system. Also, eliminating gluten and enriched flours prevent foods from getting stuck in your intestines (which also helps shrink your waist line).

It also means there will be much less food left over to ferment and putrefy within your bowels. Which means less gas. Which also means less smell.

#2: Food Allergies

Food allergies wasn’t the case with me. But if you have smelly bowel movements you might want to check if you have allergies to the foods you eat on a regular basis. You might have allergies to dairy products, wheat gluten products or soy products. If you love sweets and sugars, you might be vulnerable to allergies. Sugars weaken the immune response which can increase allergies and lead to inflammation.

Taking an elimination approach to your diet will help you avoid this. Once you eliminate those foods, your bowels will change, not only in smell but a possible reduction in constipation, pain or gas-bloating as well.

#3: Candida

Last but NOT least is candida overgrowth. Candida is a yeast (parasite essentially) that exists in everyone. It doesn’t always produce problems until it overgrows and overwhelms your system immune system. It can also destroy beneficial bacteria that are actually meant to control it. So what causes candida overgrowth? Anything that weakens the immune system can do it. Stress, bad foods, lack of sleep, exposure to pathogens like viruses, drugs, even anti-biotics can compromise your immune against candida. All of these things contribute to it overgrowing in your body.

Is it that big of a deal? Yes. Smelly bowels is a #1 sign of candida overgrowth. Candida creates fermentation and fermented foods lodged in your intestines will produce horrid smells. Candida also inhibits production of enzymes. It also blocks the new development of good bacteria and reduces stomach acid which also leads to acid reflux. All this is the tip of a much bigger long term iceberg. Candida is well known to cause mental and psychological issues such as attention deficit disorder, depression, anxiety, as well as respiratory issues like asthma and allergies. There are over forty major symptoms from candida overgrowth.

Apart from smelly poop, the exact same situations that cause candida overgrowth have also have been linked to cancer growth too.

Having stink-free bowel movements is as easy as changing what you eat, which will nurture the production of healthy bacteria, reduce candida, and lead to a whole new level of health, immunity, and vitality in your body, not just clean smelling air in the bathroom after you leave.

We hope this information helped,
Matt & Katya

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