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Full Body Massage Technique for Muscle Relaxation

In this video Katya will show you a great massage therapy technique for men and women. If you want to know how to give a back massage, just follow along with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner.

I like the texture of grapeseed oil, its nice and silky but not greasy. You don’t have to use special massage oils. Sunflower, almond, coconut or olive oil work just fine. The thinner the oil the better it is for massaging.

The technique I’m using is called Effleurage. Like most massage terms it is a french word. It’s a basic, very easy to learn massage technique. Its easy because all you do is use palms of your hands and just glide them slowly over the back. It’s an uninterrupted gliding movement that makes muscles lengthen and a person relax very fast. If you apply slow and long strokes it will produce a soothing effect, while faster strokes produce more of a stimulating effect.

There are different types of effleurage. Double hand effleurage works on deeper layer of muscles and is great for people who love more deep pressure. Alway start with light pressure and avoid direct pressure on spine. You can also do effleurage with your fingers, knuckles or the forearm.

Touch is amazing, its very powerful to our psyche. We need to feel that connection to others. If we don’t get touched for a long time, it can affect our mood, health and sometimes our confidence.

I love how massage brings activity to weak or unused muscles. Massage is actually a passive form of exercise. During massage large amounts of endorphins are released into your bloodstream. These endorphins will help you to feel calm, happy, and they will enhance your entire immune system.

When i feel anxious or stressed, my partner knows how to make me feel better. By the end, if i feel tingling, buzzing, warm, relaxing sensation all over my body then I know it was a good massage.


  • Alleviate pain and improve range of motion
  • Helpful for headaches, migraines and TMJ
  • Improve the condition of the skin, largest detoxifying organ
  • Increase circulation Decrease blood pressure
  • Oxygenate entire body

When you massage legs, massaging the glutes is very important. It relieves a lot of tension and has an really good soothing feel. Neck massage is great for stiff necks.

Try this effleurage technique on your boyfriend, girlfriend or your partner. My next massage video will be about another massage technique called petrissage.

Do not massage if:

  • Recently consumed a large meal, alcohol or addictive substances
  • Underwent surgery
  • Suffers from heart attacks or strokes should at most only receive a very gentle massage to help circulation
  • Has cancer
  • Has a fever or infectious disease
  • Has varicose veins, do not massage directly over the varicose veins
  • Has inflamed joints, gout, arthritic or rheumatoid pain, rather massage above the area
  • If the person is pregnant

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