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Marijuana Increases Vitality of 5 Year Old Girl

marijuana-healthA friend of mine just emailed me a story about marijuana. It elicits one of the many positive directions this plant (and its industry) can take. Katya and I happen to believe in the physiological, mental/emotional, and social benefits it can offer: Increasing wide-scale vitality through the healing of major physical and psychological illnesses. All of which are backed by tons of research about marijuana, not mere opinion. Why not read more info here on how to access medical marijuana?

We do not advocate using it to escape life, or to numb yourself to the pressure of life’s responsibilities… nor do we advocate that kind of escapism with “legal” substances either, such as medications or alcohol. However, both legal alternatives are statistically and socially far worse (misdiagnosis, addiction, body-toxicity) than pot could ever be.

Yet pot remains demonized.

Here’s the original story on CNN:
Marijuana stops child’s severe seizures

And a pictorial recap to share with others:
This Is what happens When A Little Girl Gives Marijuana A Try…


Change starts with open mindedness and taking a peek at something outside-the-box.

I believe in the full legalization of marijuana for many evident reasons. Funding toward research and development needs to increase. Or at the very least, a PR overhaul to straighten out the smear campaign(s) big pharma ran against it in the 1950’s.

Bottom line, if anyone you care about has cancer or any other sort of severe illness like this little girl had, I hope you refer to this story and MANY other case studies you can find online. It’s something to keep in consideration. Again, this is about the plant’s oil being taken orally (not smoked) and is NOT psychoactive (does not get you high).

That being said, as time goes on I will be posting other articles about marijuana’s (non-recreational) effects on psychological health and well-being.

To your vitality!
Matt & Katya