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Sticking to New Years Resolutions

I can’t believe we’re already halfway into the 2nd week of the new year.  Seems just yesterday we were sipping champagne at midnight!

Are you staying resolute with your resolutions?

New Years Resolutions

Don’t fall victim to dead end resolutions… here’s a few tricks:

Number one, always be specific. If you make a resolution of “eating better”, I would bet against you sticking to it.  Why?  Because it’s too vague.  You might start out okay, but after a while, when the stresses of life set back in, and the feeling of newness from the year’s transition fades away into memory, your longer term eating habits will surface, and without the vigor of the new year turning, your old habits will easily find ways of convincing you that something bad is actually okay.  This is why you need to be specific. If your resolution is to blurry or vague in detail, there’s more wiggle room to come up with reasons to slip up.

Think about the worst foods that you know you should quit eating. Desserts for example. In my opinion, if a person resolved to never eat desserts again, they would fail. Why? Because sometimes in life, we all need a little comfort food.

Instead of overshooting to give up all desserts, think about the main ingredient in desserts.  Sugar.  Now imagine giving up eating sugar instead. If you resolve to eliminate “only” sugar from the foods you eat, you might actually succeed. Why? For one, there are many alternative desserts out there! There are many other sweetners to choose from. Yes, they aren’t sugar, but your willpower will be able to remind you how bad sugar actually is, why you wanted to quit eating it, and how the alternative isn’t that bad compared to all the bad health issues that sugar brings.

See where this is going? Give your resolutions a bit of forethought, knowing ahead of time that your willpower will get lazy in the future, and will come up with reasons and excuses that you can’t imagine right now.

Also, if you did give up sugar, an ingredient that is inside MANY varieties of unhealthy foods with additives, preservatives, and other junk ingredients, then as a side result, you will also be giving up all those foods (without having to make a resolution for them). You kill more birds with one stone.

Sugar is only one example btw, and is pretty tough to quit cold turkey, considering how available it is, and how much people accept it, even knowing how bad it is for them.

Another example is going to the gym more and getting in shape.  If you resolve to “go to the gym” more this year or “get in better shape”… again, it’s too vague. You will likely fail. Instead, resolve on a specific number.  Go to the gym at least 2, or maybe 3 times a week. No matter what.  Or resolve to drip with sweat for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week. Even if it’s from having sex! if you are sweating, it’s still exercise.

With fitness results, the key to weight loss and muscle gain is staying consistent, and making your body adapt to this new level of energy usage. Consistency is everything.

The next trick is another way of not setting yourself up for failure. If you only have 1 resolution, and you don’t succeed with it, you will let yourself down and face feelings of inadequacy and subconscious depression as a result of not committing to yourself.  This can build up in the back of your mind year after year, leaving you feeling like a loser to yourself.  Instead, if you make multiple resolutions, and succeed with 1 of them, instead of all 3, then you will still feel a sense of progressing forward. Yes, the brain can outwit itself.

In 2012, my specific resolutions were to give up all coffee, dairy, sugar and yeast — cold turkey. I started out good, but after a few months, I was weak and had sugar during a road trip, then dairy followed, then yeast… But, somehow my resolve to quit coffee held firm!  It’s been 674 days since I’ve had it.  Yes, I felt bad for not sticking true with my other resolutions, but, when I think back to the many times I wanted to quit coffee, I smile, and know that I am better for resolving to one.

And the reason I quit coffee, instead of caffeine, was how enabling coffee is. When I drink coffee, I have to have it every morning. This means that every single day, I’m having loads of caffeine. It turns into a ritual for me. I love the flavor, the creaminess, the energy. But the longer I drink it, the more I need, and because it’s everywhere, the more enabled I am to drink it more often.

For me, tea, or even energy pills, don’t create a ritual. Sometimes I need a pick-me-up and tea works fine.  It doesn’t create a habit. I can use an energy pill for a specific purpose, then stop using them for months at a time.  Therefore my adrenal glands aren’t ruined long term.  With coffee, if I drink a little, it’s all over. I like it too much.  I start drinking it every single day. You might not be the same as me, but if you observe your own habits, your own soft spots in willpower, you might find your own weaknesses, and target those for resolutions instead of picking something to unrealistic.

For 2013, I have 3 resolutions to increase my vitality.  I’m (again) giving up sugar, yeast, and dairy, cold turkey. The biggest reason for giving up sugar and yeast is that they contribute to the overgrowth of a parasite called candida. This is a very overlooked problem in the US. When you have too much candida, your body’s vitality really degrades. These little parasites are responsible for many, MANY health ills. Make sure to read this article.

In 2012, Vitality Advocate went on the backburner. I was working way too much, making ends meet by helping other people build their businesses. I was sitting behind the computer from waking until sleeping much of the year. I’m 6’4” and at my lowest last year, I weighed 159. My metabolism ate all my muscle away. Thankfully, because I was eating naturally and clean (overall), I didn’t really gain fat. Just lost practically all   my muscle weight.

Which brings me to my second resolution for 2013. I want to put on 30 pounds of lean muscle and maintain myself at 190-195 at 7 to 8% bodyfat by the end of the year. So far, with the new workout routine I came up with myself and am testing out before I make a product out of it… I’ve gained 17 pounds in less than 3 weeks (will post pics later). Not all of it is lean muscle of course, there’s some water retention as am I’m supplementing with kre-alkaline. But my strength is shooting back up fast due to this new routine, so I’m really happy I’ll be able to meet my resolution.

Looking forward to sharing this new routine after I know for sure it works 100%.  All I can say is it deals with shocks, negatives, burnouts, and targeted deep neuro-muscular relaxation. The only supplements are Kre-alkaline, L-Argenine (or Large as I call it), coconut oil, black strap molasses, and Saint Johns Wort.  That’s it.

9 days into 2013, so far, so good. No dairy, no sugar, no yeast products. But if by the end of 2013, I am only successful with one of them, I will still be happy.

finlayLast month, December 2012, Katya and I decided to move back to South Carolina to live in Columbia. We found quite a few people who are into natural living, health mindedness, and are philosophically opened minded. Not to mention Columbia is surrounded by gorgeous forests, hiking and biking trails, waterfalls, and a very active community. We’ve moved 5 times in the last 2 years, from Oregon, to Texas, to North Carolina, to Florida and now back to North Carolina. But after visiting Columbia a few times, it feels like a place we can call home (for a while).

So my last resolution is with sharing more. That’s a little vague right?  I want to settle in Columbia, and get Vitality Advocate redesigned, and at the very least, post unique content twice a month, even once a month! More videos, more shared perspective, more advice on things that increase vitality.

Katya and I wish you the best with your resolutions and a happy and successful new year!

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