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3 Min Ab Workout – 5 At Home Exercises

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This ab workout for women consists of 5 exercises you can do at home. It consists of six 30 second movements to strengthen and tone your abdominals, obliques and your core. It will also help increase your metabolism which will speed up your ability to burn the fat covering your abs. If you want 6 pack abs, this workout will help.

Exercise 1 – Leg Lifts

We’ll begin with leg lifts. Start by putting your hands beneath your tailbone for balance and padding. Your legs are going to be straight and starting slightly off of the ground. Raise them up as high as you can go without raising your butt off of your hands. You want to keep your legs as straight as you can for resistance. It’s okay if your legs bend a little bit as it takes a bit of the stress off the lower back. After doing as many reps as you can do for 30 seconds, we’ll move on and add the upper abs.

Exercise 2 – Suitcase Crunches

Bring your hands together overhead to begin suitcase crunches. Aim to touch your toes in the air like an uppercase U. Try to raise your lower back off of the ground to compact your abs as much as possible. Also make sure your shoulders are raising off of the ground to engage your upper abdominals.

Exercise 3 – Leg Extension Crunches

Let’s switch to leg extension crunches. Begin with your legs bent at a right angle in the air, with your hands behind your head. Youre going to begin by crunching your abs and bringing your elbows towards your knees, then straightening your body as you extend your legs. Keep your feet off of the ground. Try to avoid pulling your neck forward. You want to choose a neutral position to fix your eyes on. This will help you avoid bending your neck excessively or straining those neck muscles when this exercise starts to get difficult. This one is about raising your shoulders, compacting your abs, and extending your hips.

Exercise 4 – Bicycle Crunches

Now we move on to bicycle crunches. They are going to be a similar movement to the leg extension crunch, but you’re going to focus on touching each elbow to the opposite knee. Its okay if they don’t touch completely or you can’t reach your knee. Your should only focus on twisting the torso as much as you can. This let’s you access the obliques.

Exercise 5 – Back Extension Lunges

Now for the last exercise in our circuit, the back extension lunge. Start off with your right foot forward in a nice and balanced staggered lunge position. Moving in a counter-clockwise rotation, bend your back and extend again along the line of the front foot. Imagine you’re ducking below a low hanging branch.

After about 15 seconds, change directions by switching your feet. Remember to keep your back nice and straight, make your hips and your core do all of the work. And remember to breathe.

That’s it. Do 3 sets of these 5 exercises. Make sure to take 1 or 2 days rest between your sessions. This will allow your muscles to recover and grow stronger.

We hope you enjoyed it.

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