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Set Your Abs On Fire – Real Time Ab Workout

This workout is a follow along real time workout. Each set is 45 seconds active, with a rest period of 15 seconds between sets.

Kickouts, Seated bicycles, Jack knives, Super crunches, Butt raises, Lazy scissors, Mini butt raises, Heel crunches

This is definitely my favorite ab routine lately. In the video, you can do it with me.

1. Kickouts

Place your hands on the floor at your sides for stability while balancing on the top part of your butt. With your heels together, extend your feet outward without touching the ground, then retract your knees back towards your chest to crunch your abs. If you feel pain in your lower spine, reposition or pivot to relieve the pain. Feel the warmth building in your abs. That’s what you’re looking for.

2. Seated Bicycles

No need to change position. Instead of kicking out both legs, you’re going to alternate them. Like pedaling a bike. One knee is extended while the other almost touches your chest. Avoid shifting or tilting to one side or the other during the movements. Make sure to keep an even pace and breathe steadily.

3. Jack Knives

Begin on your back with you hands outstretched overhead. Keeping your legs as flat as possible on the ground, exhale and hike your upper body forward. Use the momentum of your arms to help you crunch your abs while reaching towards your feet. Inhale as you ease your body back down from the crunch, returning your hands overhead.

4. Super Crunches

Keep your feet flat on the ground, bend your knees, and stretch your arms overhead. Similar to a normal crunch, flex your abs until you raise your shoulders off the ground. There should be no gap between your lower back and the floor. Remember to keep your arms stretched outward beyond your head. Prevent them from pointing upward toward the ceiling.

5. Butt Raises

Place your arms flat on the ground for stability with your legs extended. In one motion, bring your knees upward towards your chest, then kick up towards the ceiling, rolling your lower back slightly off of the ground. Lower your legs until your knees are near your chest, then extend your legs again and kick your legs straight outward, without touching your feet on the ground.

6. Lazy Scissors

Exercise 6 is lazy scissors. Place your arms on the floor at your sides for balance. Raise one leg up towards the ceiling, while your other leg remains slightly off the ground. Slightly bending at the knee is okay. Lower your leg down, while lifting the other and keep alternating. Try to keep your lowered leg off of the ground to maintain the challenge.

7. Mini Butt Raises

Bend your legs at the hip up towards the ceiling to make an L with your body. Flex your abs while lifting your legs up. Let your lower back and hips slightly roll off of the ground with each movement.

8. Heel Crunches

Bend your legs and roll onto your side, keeping your spine as straight as you can. Place the hand of your bottom arm palm down for balance. With your other arm, reach for your feet while doing side crunches. This exercise really targets your oblique muscles. After the time is up, switch sides.

That’s it. This routine is awesome. My recommendation is to do 2 sets if you want more of a challenge. Just turn on the video and you’re all set.

To your vitality,