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Upper Arm Exercises for Tank Top Arms

Hey guys,

Many of you have requested that we record an arm workout, well here it is. And it’s the first of many more to come. Try it out for 3 rounds. You’ll feel a good burn guaranteed. I hope you like it.

Exercise 1 – Body-weight Tricep Extensions

We will begin with a body-weight tricep extension to warm up those triceps and get your blood flowing. Start by laying on your right side, wrapping your right arm under your left, placing your right hand on your left shoulder. Your left arm should start off bent at a right angle. Keeping your torso (from hip to neck) as straight as possible. Keep your knees together and your hip grounded as you extend your left arm. This will lift your body off of the ground. This is going to take a little balance, so don’t rush through it. Keep your spine as straight as possible, avoid locking your arm. If your arm is a little bit longer than most, avoid dropping below a right angle at the elbow.

After 10 to 20 reps, switch sides – remember that you want muscular balance, so shoot for an even number or repetitions on each side.

Advanced modification

If you need something a little more challenging, do an “assisted” one arm tricep pushup. Start with your knees on the ground. Emphasizing one arm at a time. Put your right hand to the side so that your elbow points directly right. Try to keep that hand lined up with your sternum. You want your left hand, or “supporting hand” to sit on top of the right, and keep it glued to your side if you can help it. If you need a little more support, its okay if that elbow drifts outward. Just remember that your primary hand need to be doing the majority of the work. Your supporting hand is just making sure you don’t fall on your face.

…Follow by burpies. Do 5 to 10 reps to keep your blood flowing.

Exercise 2 – Curl & Twist-Press

Now Moving on to our next set in the circuit: A curl and twist-press. You’re going to need a pair of dumbbells for this. Choose a weight that you can handle. Something that’s still going to push you a little bit out of your comfort zone. You want to feel burning here.

Get a nice and balanced stance, palms facing the side. Start with a twisting bicep curl, keeping the elbows glued to your side, then press the dumbbells overhead, twisting your arms so that your palms are facing out in front of you. Then reverse the movement, bringing your hands back to your side. Once you’ve got the hang of the movement, smooth it out. You want a nice and smooth transition from the curl to the press. Be careful not to rush the movements or let them bleed together. Its about being slow and controlled.

…back to the burpies, 5 to 10 reps.

Exercise 3 – Overhead Tricep Extensions

Our next exercise is an overhead tricep extension. You want a slightly heavier dumbbell for this one, since both arms are going to be working together. Either hold the dumbbell by each end, in either hand or cup one end with both hands. Facing straight forward, dip the dumbbell down behind your head and extend upward as far as you can without locking your elbows. Avoid letting your elbows bend much past a right angle. Most importantly, remember to keep your elbows symmetrical and close to your head. Its natural that with pressure, your elbow are going to want to splay outward. Just remember to keep yourself in check and readjust each time they start to drift. Pretty soon that muscle memory will be second nature.

…and lets stoke the fire, back to the burpees.

Exercise 4 – Rear Shoulder Flies

Next is the rear shoulder fly. Using dumbbells again, get into either a balanced or a staggered stance and bend at the hips, keeping your spine straight. Let the dumbbells hang below your chest with straight-but-loose arms. Then use your shoulders to pull the weight behind your back. Feel that burn. This is going to be targeting the back of the shoulder area, helping build definition between the tricep and the back of the shoulder.

…Alright, lets put away the dumbbells and head back to the burpees. Stay as true to form as you can, lets focus on quality.

Exercise 5 – Burnout Dips

Last are the dips. Get yourself a chair, a bench, some hard surface that is going to be able to support your body-weight without sliding. Place your hands evenly on either side of your hips and keep your elbows parallel. Make sure your legs are in a chair position. Similar to the overhead tricep extension, keep your elbow from drifting too far outward or below a right angle, then extend your arm without locking it out completely. This is our last set so we’re going to keep going until the muscle burns out, literally until you drop.

Finish up with the burpees and you are one step closer toward a pair of toned arms.

I hope you liked this workout. Let us know if you have any questions below!