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New Inner Thigh Workout for Women – 16 Minutes

Hey all, finally filming again!

This awesome inner-thigh focused routine was created with our friend, Paul Monje, owner of Yield Fitness. Read about his credentials here. He will be joining us in future videos as well.

Let’s get to it! Follow along with Katya as she and Paul take you through this new challenging inner thigh workout with 3 exercises repeated over 3 rounds. Read more below.

Exercise 1 – Sumo squats / Alternate stance sumo squats
Exercise 2 – Lateral lunges
Exercise 3 – Asymmetrical reverse lunges

The number of reps you do during each set is up to you. Our advice is start with a low number of reps (10 reps for example) and if it’s too easy, raise the rep count. If it’s too challenging, lower the amount of reps. You want make sure you balance difficult with maintaining proper form. But remember, results will happen faster as you push your personal limit.

The inner thigh, otherwise known as the adductor group of the leg, can be specifcally targeted by choosing particular movements that will demand more from it (the musculature).


Although your inner thighs activate every time you perform any upright movement or squat or lunge… for this workout, we chose specific exercises along with strategic directions, weight and positions that allow your anatomy to produce more activation in these tissues.

By making the adductors perform at this higher level, you directly influence more adaptation and change, such as increased tone, strength and resilience.

Focus on the cues and you will be sure to feel what we have described.

You’ll also be better prepared for future variations in other videos.

Hope you enjoy this routine. Stay tuned for more!