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Abs & Core Workout Challenge – 6 Exercises You Can Do At Home

Hey guys, this ab burning challenge was created by Zach Champlin and Katya. It contains 6 exercises. It takes 4 minutes to complete 1 round. We recommend doing 3 rounds (12 minutes). Just restart the video to begin the next round. By the time the first round is done, your rectus abdominus, internal and external obliques, and your transversus abdominis (core muscle), will be burning up.

Exercise 1 – Plank Crunches

Get into a standard plank position to begin with and hold it for five seconds. Then hike up your hips by keeping your knees straight and pushing all of your weight on your elbows and toes up into your shoulders, and then dropping back into the plank.

You don’t need to stop at either end, just repeat that motion a total of five times. After five reps, drop back into the static plank position and hold for another five seconds. All together, you should repeat this sequence for at least a total of thirty seconds.

This is going to be specifically targeting hip flexors, and lower and upper abs.

Exercise 2 – Lateral Suitcase Crunches

Start by laying flat on your back with your legs straight, then begin crunching up your legs into your chest as much as you can while your reach as far past you hips as you can. Your shoulders and tailbone should be coming off the ground. Then your going to stretch your legs all the way out without touching the ground, and your arms out to the sides.

Exercise 3 – Superman Extensions

This one is simple, but challenging. Roll onto your belly and spread your limbs out in front and behind. While keeping your arms and legs straight, extend them upward from your hips and shoulders.

This is going to challenge your entire back side from your butt all the way up to your shoulders. Once you extend up as far as you can, drop your body and relax.

Exercise 4 – Crossover toe Touches

Keeping your arms above your head and your legs straight, raise one leg into the air and reach for it with the opposite hand. Its okay if you can’t touch. The important thing is that you stretch the muscles responsible for that full movement.

You will be alternating to the other side so that the left and right halves of your core get equal work.

Exercise 5 – Side-Plank Extensions

Roll onto one side and post up your elbow underneath your shoulder. You want to stay as straight from heel to head as you can, then drop your hip laterally down to the ground and extend again. Make sure you don’t bend your neck.

This is going to target primarily one side of the obliques at a time so after getting about 20 reps, switch to your other side.

Exercise 6 – Bicycle Kicks

Get on your back and put one hand on top of the other, keeping your forearms straight from elbow to elbow. Now you’re going to touch one elbow to the opposite knee while the other leg kicks out as far as possible without touching the ground. Then alternate sides repeatedly, you want a consistent rhythm.

Again, you don’t have to touch your knees, what’s important is that you are visibly twisting and reaching without bending your arms. The effort alone is going to burn your abs. Just make sure your shoulders and head are coming off the ground.

That’s it. Do 3 rounds of these 6 exercises. Make sure to take 1 or 2 days rest before you do this workout again.

Hope you enjoyed it.

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