Balancing Your Body and Mind

12 Minute Full Body Workout At Home

Hey guys, join Katya and Paul Monje for a full body workout that both women and men can benefit from. It will strengthen, stretch, and tone your entire body from head to toe, improve your cardiovascular health, and speed up your fat burning metabolism.

Like always, it was filmed in real time so you can follow along at home or at a gym. It should take you 12 minutes to complete. It consists of 4 exercises repeated over 3 rounds.

Exercise 1 – Shoulder / Hip Loaded Squats

The beginning of this routine requires you to produce “squat force” under an asymmetrical load.

Why is that important? Asymmetrical demands require you to produce power and stability during an unbalanced condition. You’ll be using a combination of your hips, shoulders and core muscles to do this.

Exercise 2 – Tempo Pushups
Exercise 3 – Side-Lying Trunk Twists

These two exercises will help you to increase shoulder, scapular and core stability by moving through strategically timed “tempo sets”.

Exercise 4 – Lateral Lunges / Rotations

You’ll finish each round with dynamic movements that integrate all of the above components to promote synchronized leg, core and scapular reaction.

Do 3 (or more) rounds of these 4 exercises and take 1 or 2 days off to rest before you doing this workout again.

We hope you enjoy it!

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See you in the next video!