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27 Minute FULL BODY BURNER – Tone & Strengthen Every Muscle

Hey guys! Paul Monje created this routine to target every muscle in your body. So join in as he leads Katya through it and explains everything you’ll need to know as you follow along.

Get ready to strengthen, stretch and tone every muscle in your body, improve your cardiovascular health, and really speed up your metabolism to help melt unwanted fat.

The routine is split up into 7 exercises repeated over 3 rounds. It takes about 27 minutes to complete from start to finish.

Exercise 1 – Lateral Uncommon Lunge to Curl
Exercise 2 – Kneeling Row, Reach & Swing
Exercise 3 – Alternating Leg Raise
Exercise 4 – Bicycles
Exercise 5 – Push-up to Rotation
Exercise 6 – Staggered Rocketman Chop
Exercise 7 – Short Bridge

Because this full body workout hits every muscle, it should become a real challenge by the 3rd round. Katya is using 5 lbs dumbbells here, but you can it with heavier dumbbells. You can make it easier by ony using your body weight. If you want to increase the difficulty, add heavier dumbbells or try to complete a 4th round.

If you have any questions about this cardio abs workout for women, leave a comment below.

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