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Intensive Abs and Cardio Workout for Women

Grab a towel because you’ll sweat as you follow Paul Monje (who created this routine) and Katya Struve go through one of the most intense ab-toning cardio workouts ever. This workout will make your abdominals, transverse abdominals, obliques, and overall midsection burn!

Forget situps and get ready for fast results. This intense abdominal-cardio workout uses a combination of core circuits and ab-toning moves that’ll raise your metabolism, slim your waistline, and help your abs become rock hard.

The routine is split up into 6 exercises repeated over 3 rounds. It takes about 18 minutes to complete.

Exercise 1 – Medicine Ball Knee Kicks
Exercise 2 – Staggered Lateral Chops
Exercise 3 – Staggered Overhead Strikes
Exercise 4 – Medicine Ball Sit-Up Throw
Exercise 5 – Prone Circular Hip Drives
Exercise 6 – Side-plank Hi-to-Knee Drives

The medicine ball that Katya is using weighs 4 pounds. If you don’t have one, just use anything else (dumbbell, backpack, etc) that weighs a few pounds that you can hold in your hands.

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