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Glutes Workout for Women At Home That Lift and Tone

Hey guys, looking to lift and tone up your butt? Follow along with Katya and Paul Monje as they lead you through this glutes workout for women.

This new routine is made up of 3 challenging exercises repeating over 3 rounds. It will take you 14 minutes to complete. You can follow along at home with a pair of dumbbells (which are optional). By the end of 3 rounds you will FEEL the burn in your glutes.

Exercise 1 – Single leg hip thrusters

Exercise 2 – Tempo Pushups

Exercise 3 – Side-Lying Trunk Twists

Whenever you do a glutes workout like this, remember to stay mindful of your movements and breathing. “Quality over quantity”. Maintaining proper form is more important than worrying about the number of reps you do.

Take 1 or 2 days off to rest before you doing this workout again.

Enjoy the burn!

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