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Slim Waist Home Workout For Women – 6 Exercises For a Smaller Waist

Hey all, this workout will help target your waist to tone your obliques and abdominals which will help in your pursuit of a slim and trim midsection. These 6 specific exercises will help! In the video, Paul guides Katya with a 4 minute warm up before taking her through the entire routine. Join in! We promise you’ll love the way you feel afterward.

4 Minute warm up – Activates midsection and loosens up the spine.

Exercise 1 – Transverse plane chops

Exercise 2 – Alternating knee chops

Exercise 3 – Crossover step reaches

Exercise 4 – Hip drivers (frontal plane)

Exercise 5 – Knee-to-elbow reaches (posterior)

Exercise 6 – Hip drivers (sagittal plane)

The muscular activation you’ll feel with these exercises means you’re not only getting a great burn but you’re also improving your ability to move in all 3 of the planes of motion.


Strengthening your ability to move move along these planes will make everyday activities a lot easier.

We hope you enjoy it.

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