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Intense Handstand Pushup and Muscle Up Strengthening Workout

This video is an good example of what a specifically focused fitness routine using calisthenics and bodyweight looks like. It may be a short video, but make no mistake, it’s an intense routine! My main focus is to develop better handstand pushup and muscle ups strength and skill using strict form. I also finish the routine off with extra weighted sets for maximum strength and muscle gain.

Strict Muscle Ups

  1. Explosive pull ups (3 sets of 5 reps)
  2. Slow muscle up negatives (3 sets of 3 reps)
  3. Strict muscle up starting from the top position (3 sets of 4 reps)

(45 second rest between sets)

Handstand Pushups

  1. Straight arm handstand (2 sets)
  2. Bent arm handstand (2 sets)
  3. Pike pushup (3 sets)
  4. Negative handstand pushup against wall & free stand (2 sets)
  5. Negative free handstand for 4 seconds (2 sets)

(1 minute rest between sets)

Weighted Sets

  1. Weighted dips (5 sets of 5 reps)
  2. Weighted pull ups (5 sets of 5 reps)

(1:30 rest between sets)

Finisher superset

  • 20 Pushups
  • 5 Pull ups

(5 rounds with no resting between sets)

Remember, always be focused on the quality of what you’re doing apposed to just going through the motion!

Whenever I’m not getting the exact results I want or I feel like I’m not progressing with a certain skill or movement, I put together intense routines like this to drive specific goals.

See you in the next video!

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